Residential & Commercial Interior Services

Your perfect cleaning and decorating assistant with with lots of affection!

We have more than 10 years of experience like Interior Space Efficiency Experts and more than 2 years in the Hospitality Business. Our services are Cleaning, Organizing and Decorating Home and Commercial Spaces with care!

With our experienced experts you can be sure that your space will be in great hands! We prioritize high quality standards which in turn consistently gives us satisfied customers!

Free In-Space Estimate

We find that an in-space estimate is always best because each space is different! We base our pricing on number of spaces / rooms / baths or square footage and also on the individual needs of each space.
– Give us a call for your free in-space estimate today!
– Set up a time and date at your earliest convenience. NO CONTRACT!
– We will walk through your space with you in order to establish any specific requests

We’re trained to care for it ALL!

From light cleanings, moving in or out, deep cleanings, post construction, decorations & more!

Peraffect Club

Enroll in Peraffect Club by membership to get save $30 in every clean service.



We love CLEANING, organizing and leaving your space renovated! We can help you with household chores and the housekeeping and janitorial services in offices, hotels and commercial properties.


Daily Care


Housekeeping and Janitorial

Hospitality Staffing


Interior Space Efficiency Experts


Cabinets, Closets and Garage Organizing

Decluttering – Downsizing


Staging for Sell

Interior Design

Recommended General Contractor (Licensed and Certified for Florida State)

Cleaning Services

Once / Emergency Plans

Emergency cleaning or only once, we offer a range of plans to clean of all sizes, since 1 room, by square footage, special needs.



3/3/3 plus – Between 1.800 and 2.400 sqft

4 hours

1 Cleaning Team

3 bedrooms / 3 general spaces / 3 baths / Kitchen



2/2/2 plus – Between 1.200 and 1.799 sqft

4 hours

1 Associate

2 bedrooms / 2 general space / 2 bath / kitchen



1/1/1 – Under 1.199 sqft

2 Hours

1 Associate

1 bedroom / 1 space / 1 bath / kitchen



Personal and Dedicated Care / Competitive Prices / Perfectionists Loyalty Discounts / Fully Insured / Cost Effective / Immediate Response

Ask about the new customer discount. We can give you a quote!

Schedule your service and receive discounts every 4 appointments!

TEXT/CALL US: (321) 429-8666

Services Offered Throughout Brevard County ,The Florida Space Coast Area and South-East Florida Coast.



Lastest Developments

A range of projects across a variety of services and use cases.

Vizcaya (Melbourne, FL): Move In, Move In, Interior Design & Regular Cleaning


Royal Oak (Nashua, New Hampshire): Move Out, Deep Cleaning & Downsizing


Rose´s Property (Colombia): Interior Design, Decorating & Staging for Sell


Viera (Melbourne, Fl): Deep Cleaning & Cabinets Organizing


Suntree (Melbourne, Fl): Regular Cleaning & Closets Organizing


San Joaquín (Colombia): Architectural Design / Decorating & Post Construction Cleaning



Team Members

An experienced team working together, crafting exceptional experiences, and growing stronger.

Olga Marissa

Front End / Designer & Efficiency Expert

Sarah LP

Back end / Artist Creative

Isaac LP

Back end / Consultant


Date´ Networking

Do you want to impress your new date with your place completely clean and tidy? Or do you just want to spend your free time having fun? I can help you with household chores. I love organizing, cleaning and leaving your space renovated and ready for your new experiences! Swipe and match for a quote! Cleaning, Organizing and Decorating Home and Commercial Spaces with care!

For cleaning and decorating lovers

Peraffect Club!

By enrolling for one year Peraffect Club membership, you will save up to $30 on each service you order during the year of coverage. And if you develop a decoration project with our team, you will get a completely free one light cleaning of the space that you will remodel with us.

Be part of the first club of home cleaning and decorating lovers in The States! By enrolling the annual membership, you will get some fantastic free services or great discounts on our other services.


Thinking about doing by yourself!

Before starting a project by yourself, think about the costs if things don’t turn out well. You will then have to go to professionals who, in addition to repairing the collateral damage, will have to do the work again. Good results start with good planning and the advice of an expert team.

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